Valerie had felt very good about helping her neighbor Suki out of a pretty serious legal jam. She had told Suki she did not expect any financial payback from Suki. She knew Suki was very greatful for both the help and Valerie’s gracious gesture.

She realized how grateful when she came home from work to find Suki’s daughter Miori mostly naked on her bed.

“Miori, what is this? What are you doing here? How did you even get in?

“Miss Valerie, my mother told me what you have done for her. She is very happy and relieved but was also embarrassed not to be able to pay you back in any way. I told her not to worry and that I would think of some way to pay you back.

“I watch from next door. I see other women enter in the evening with you and not go home until morning. This makes me very excited. I wish that some day I would be able to enter your house and stay with you like that. Please don’t say no.”

“Miori, I had no idea. What do you do when you get excited, dear?”

“I rub myself, like this.”

Miori began unashamedly fingering between her lovely lips. Her aroma soon filled the air.

Valerie watched intently, as between her moans, Miori pleaded, “Please, Miss Valerie, allow me to thank you”.

Valerie certainly didn’t need much more coaxing at this point. She shed her clothes as Miori continued rubbing herself. She climbed on the bed and over Miori. As she lowered her now wettening pussy to Miori’s face, she moaned her own, “You will thank me, now”.

Miori began to thank Valerie for the opportunity, but it became another moan, muffled this time, as she earnestly began showing her gratitude.

andiezlegs: Valerie had felt very good about helping her…