2, 3, and a PART of 4. 

Question. What do you think Bun Bun’s reaction will be ? Cause it seems like there’s four outcomes. 1. Her mother tells her and she’s happy. 2. Her mother tells her and she’s mad with her mother 3. She finds out in the midst of whatever drama and she’s confused 4. Romonda finds out first and tries to get them to leave and she finds out that way You don’t have to reveal it but which one would be closer ? I’d also be curious what other people have to say so get it on the convo y’all !


First breakfast at home :)
Millet porridge cooked in oat milk with chia seeds and cinnamon topped with banana, nectarine, strawberries, homegrown cherries and peanut butter.
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aspoonfuloflissi:First breakfast at home :) Millet porridge…